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Nailing your Master Message
This is part one of a training I ran for members of my Author-Expert Insiders Mastermind. In this 16-minute extract I teach why getting clear on your Master Message is so important, the five ways your master message you can grab attention, with examples, and finally there's a quick exercise to get you started on creating the core of your Master Message.
Membership of the Author Expert Insiders Mastermind is currently closed
I created the Author-Expert Insiders Mastermind for one simple reason: too many professionals write a book thinking it will magically bring them clients, then wonder what to do with it and what happened to the stream of leads and customers they were expecting. In the mastermind, we build your brand, your professional profile and your revenue, month by month using exactly the same strategies I share with our $15,000, $25,000 and $35,000+ publishing clients--strategies that have got my clients into the press, onto TV, and generated millions of dollars of new business for them.
Unfortunately, the Mastermind is currently closed to new members. But, if you'd like me to notify you when it's open again, enter your name and email address below, and I'll make sure my team lets you know.
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