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  • Bonus #1 - "Premium Pricing Secrets" - a never-before-available 146 minute LIVE recording in front of members of a $20,000 mastermind group, Rob shares his deepest, darkest secrets on how to charge more for what you know
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  • Bonus #3 - Download the entire slide deck so you can follow along as Rob takes the group through his Premium Pricing Secrets
About the Author

Rob Cuesta is the owner of Joined-Up Marketing and HyperSuasion Consulting, and author of two Amazon best-selling books on marketing for professionals. With a client base that spans four continents and over 25 years’ experience as a speaker, consultant and marketer, Rob has worked with some of the largest organisations in the world and some of the smallest.

“A lot of money gets wasted by businesses every year on marketing that, quite frankly, doesn’t work. After completing my MBA at a top European business school I realised that what was missing from a lot of the standard marketing approaches was a way of showing a direct link from marketing to revenue. Business owners were screaming ‘show me the money!’ and marketers couldn’t. Or wouldn’t. So I made myself a promise: to only use marketing techniques – for myself and for my clients – that would directly drive money into the business.”

As the creator of the Client Journey and the Joined-Up Digital Marketing System, Rob’s promise is simple: to help you add an extra zero to your income by positioning you as the leading expert in your field and then developing marketing funnels that convert total strangers into buyers, repeat buyers, and ultimately into referrers. All on autopilot.

WARNING: working with Rob may expose you to revolutionary ideas, untapped revenue streams and extreme profitability. You have been warned!
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